how to apply for sassa R350

Have you submitted an appeal for SASSA's Special Relief of Distress grant and you want to check how far it is? Here's how you can track your R350 grant appeal.

Have you applied for SASSA's R350 grant and you now want to see where your application is? Here's how to check your R350 grant application status.

Appeals are there if your application was denied the first time around and you want to be considered again, basically a second chance. Appeals for SASSA's R350 grant are open. 

There's one month left for applications to be sent in to benefit from the SASSA Special Relief of Distress grant, better known as the R350 grant. Beneficiaries of this grant receive R350 per month.

The Democratic Alliance is of the opinion that the ANC Government’s lack of planning is failing disability grant beneficiaries. They now want government to extend the grants so that South Africans are given further relief.

As the year draws to an end SASSA has announced the dates for beneficiaries to get paid for January 2021. SASSA issues grants to vulnerable South Africans all over.

SASSA beneficiaries are given safety tips for the festive season and SASSA details their plans for this season. 

If you're a SASSA recipient concerned by how you're going to afford your higher education studies,continue reading to find out if you can apply for a bursary. 

If you're a SASSA beneficiary and your Care Dependency or Temporary Disability Grants has lapsed, should your situation not have changed and you remain unemployed, you are then encouraged to reapply. This comes after the Minister announced that grants were being extended.

SASSA's Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant which sees beneficiaries receiving R350 and has been very popular during the pandemic in helping the vulnerable, is set to come to an end in a couple of months. An amount of R13.5 billion has been disbursed through the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to more than six million eligible beneficiaries.

SASSA is now warning beneficiaries to be careful as we approach the festive season as it's a time scammers are looking to take advantage of. It's important that you fall victim to fraudsters and criminals when collecting their November and December social grants.

Social grant applicants are still spending the night outside offices of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in the hope of being helped the next day. SASSA says offices are operating with only one third of staff to respect social Covid-19 protocols.

President Ramaphosa has extended the National State of Disaster until next year. So, does this mean that he'll be extending relief measures as well, perhaps the R350 grant administered by SASSA. 

In June, GroundUp wrote an article about immigrant tradesmen who were struggling to find work during lockdown. Many asylum seekers and citizens of Lesotho, Angola and Zimbabwe with special permits have lost their income and have only been able to apply for COVID-19 relief grants since August.

Many people may think that R350 is not a lot of money, however if one sees the queues outside Pretoria’s central post office it is obvious that it means a lot to those in need.

Many SASSA beneficiaries within and around Tsakani, were unfortunately victims to this tragic SASSA scam. A woman claiming to be from SASSA, took advantage of vulnerable beneficiaries and cashed their social grants before they were able to.

Sassa has started paying more people for the R350 SRD grant but people were waiting for double payments due to delays and have complained. Sassa has now set the record straight about May and June payments.