fundi student loans

Fundi offers students study loans to help them cover the costs of studying. Have you received a study loan from Fundi and looking to change your phone number with Fundi?

Are you wondering if Fundi funds short courses? Well, keep on reading to find out if they do.

Fundi provides study loans to students to help them cover the costs of studying. If you would like to contact them, keep on reading.

Once you have applied for the Fundi loan, you will be able to login to Fundi.

If you're wondering whether you can transfer funds on your FundiCard to another place, we have the answer for you. FundiCard is a payment solution designed to make your learning world a lot more convenient.

A FundiCard is a payment card used to manage your spending. Wanting to know how to block your FundiCard? Let us help you. Here's a guide on how to do it.

New to funding with Fundi? You've come to the right place! Here's some guidance on how to use your FundiCard to pay for your accommodation fees.

FundiCard is a payment solution for those students who are funded through Fundi. Here's a guide on how to check your FundiCard balance.

Deciding how to fund your studies can be tricky, which is why we have cleared up the difference between NSFAS and Fundi for you.

Are you wondering if Fundi funds private college students? To find out if they do, keep on reading.