EXPLORE Data Science Academy

EXPLORE Data Science Academy is implementing a critical Thrive soft skills module to boost programme success among youth. This shows that the Academy teaches more than just technical skills.

Shaun Dippnall, CEO of Explore Data Science Academy, sat down with Careers Portal to talk data science, machine learning and scholarship opportunities. Explore Data Science Academy offers full-time, part-time and NANO qualifications as well as various short courses.

Society is now moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and you must have head about AI or artificial intelligence before. Explore Data Science Academy stepped in and helped us understand what artificial intelligence is.

EXPLORE is a global, cutting edge Data Science Academy which offers various courses. They've given us some insight into the advantages behind a data-driven society.

Shaun Dippnall, CEO of Explore Data Science Academy, sat down with the Careers Portal to explain who EDSA are and what they do. Studying with EDSA equips you to solve difficult problems in any context using the latest advances in Data Science and related fields.

EXPLORE Data Science Academy is now introducing its first online course in Data Engineering. This course is in response to data centre expansion and new job prospects through explosive growth in cloud services.

Accelerated demand for data skills that organizations need to thrive in the digital age are now included in a range of public courses offered by the Explore Data Science Academy in 2021. These include Data Analytics, AI for Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Software Engineering. The broad categories taught are NANO-Qualifications and Digital Skills and within each of these a wide variety of options are available. 

According to Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA), a non-profit organisation responsible for promoting South Africa as a services delivery destination,  there has never been a better time than now for South Africa to secure sizeable and scalable business services projects and for the tech sector particularly to create meaningful employment opportunities. According to BPESA CEO Andy Searle, the country has seen a 22 percent annual increase in international business services (GBS) projects over the past four years. Various private and state sponsored youth training initiatives along with economic shifts have favourably positioned the country as a  global destination for outsourced projects. 




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