Eskom is a South African electricity public utility. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity.

Eskom warns of the possibility of loadshedding after the Easter weekend, due to power constraints. According to Eskom, the implementation of loadshedding is expected to take place next week as the electricity demand may increase.

Whether you're an avid reader, a prolific writer, or a regular student trying to prepare well in advance for your exams, load shedding can throw a spanner in the works.

In a recent statement the South African Union of Students has detailed the negative impact that load shedding has had on tertiary students, calling for an intervention to the power crisis experienced across the country. 

Not only have learners been dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on their studies, however, now loadshedding is adding additional stress to their lives. SADTU, therefore, calls on all officials to consider how loadshedding is negatively affecting these learners as they study for their final exams.

Perhaps one of the most pressing challenges facing the Department of Basic Education (DBE) is when perceptions are created that learners are being disadvantaged due to Eskom's continued blackouts. Exams inherently induce anxiety, panic and stress, with loadshedding putting more pressure and cutting study times, there is nothing worse. 

The Eskom blackouts have been nothing but a living nightmare in the day to day running of South Africa. This has led to mixed reactions and the lack of confidence in the power utility, Eskom, as people lose patience. 

Over the last few days, load shedding has made an abrupt return. Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter has shared that part of the reason for these power cuts has been to enable the preservation of power for election day and the days to follow, during which the votes are to be counted. But in attempting to preserve political interest, what of the students whose online learning experience has grown significantly tougher as a result?


Many people across the country have been affected by loadshedding implemented by Eskom. The education sector has not been left unaffected, and the South African Students Congress is calling for accountability. 

Eskom has announced that it will be continuing load shedding through the week. For all the details on this round of loadshedding, read further.

Eskom has brought back loadshedding but has said things are getting better and has since suspended loadshedding. However, South Africans know to not get comfortable just yet. We have the latest loadshedding updates for you as per the Eskom and municipal schedules.

Eskom has been trying to keep our lights on and this year we saw a lot of loadshedding taking place. Now, Eskom has warned us that there might be loadshedding in our future. Loadshedding usually happens when a breakdown in generation units happen.

We are currently experiencing stage 2 loadshedding until late tonight. This comes as trouble to a country who is observing a national lockdown. Students are doing their work and people are working from home which would then result in delays all over. 

Eskom has confirmed that we will not have loadshedding for the rest of the week. 

Eskom announced that they will be moving loadshedding from stage 1 to stage 2. Stage 1 was observed from 9am this morning but due to the power system being constrained, Eskom has had to make changes. 

Eskom has announced that stage 2 loadshedding will carry on through Saturday. The schedules are now available.

Loadshedding will most possibly be making a return. This comes as a result from electricity usage increasing due to lockdown. This will also have an effect on those working and studying from home. 

The Eskom Expo takes place every year, drawing in hundreds of gifted students across South Africa. With the recent Coronavirus developments, Eskom has decided to make the Expo resources available online to help learners get started. 

Eskom has come under the spotlight this past month as the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa) holds public hearings on Eskom's bid to squeeze over R27.2 billion from consumers.

On Friday afternoon Eskom announces that load shedding will be increased to level 4 - until  Saturday 6 am.

The loadshedding continued through Saturday and Sunday.

Ninety-three technical graduates have been deployed to provide much needed support to some of the country’s most distressed municipalities.