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Nine years ago, the Durban University of Technology launched the DUT4life, an online collaboration suite for students. DUT4life has since become the official communication medium within the student community, and it has a number of benefits for DUT students.


When students apply successfully at the Durban University of Technology, students will receive a DUT student email that they can use as a student portal throughout their time at the Durban University of Technology. 

Three campuses have temporarily been shut down at the Durban University of Technology after the spread of false information about registrations resulted in student protest action and the burning of three vehicles at the university.

Some students at the Durban University of Technology embarked on a strike on Wednesday. Those completing a one-year Higher Certificate course say the university has been misleading them.

Are you interested in studying at the Durban University Technology but don't know how to apply? Well read more as we take you through the whole process.

If you want to study next year, you need to start by applying. The key is to find out the 2022 institution application dates. Applying for tertiary studies can be challenging to find out the details you need. From finding out the application dates so that you can start collecting all of the documents required. Application dates may vary and/or change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most colleges are opening up for 2022 applications during the month of May. 

As chaos erupts, DUT is forced to close all five Durban campuses. Students have become frustrated and begun protesting over the lack of assistance they are receiving. 

Have you applied to study at the Durban University of Technology and now you want to know where your application stands? Well, here's how to track your application.

Minister Blade Nzimande says that TVET Colleges are set to reopen as per the TVET calendar for 2021, released weeks ago. 

2020 has been a challenging year, especially for learners at schools and those in matric, which is why Umalusi is so concerned that they may not be ready for their exams which are approaching. Due to lockdown learners lost a lot of valuable class time to learn the syllabus. Mafu Rakometsi, CEO of Umalusi, addressed his concerns about how disruptions by the current pandemic may have affected the education system.

After the gradual return of students started in June, nearly 200 students and staff of Universities in Kwazulu-Natal have tested positive for Coronavirus. Students have been pleading with University management to address these issues and make changes.

The Science Education Centre at the University of Limpopo will be moving its science programmes online. The programmes promote science awareness and aim to not only educate learners in school but members of the public as well.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is calling for the National School Nutrition Programme to be made available to all learners. 

Wits University has spoken out against rumours that many Wits students have been deregistering due to not being able to cope with online learning.

Minister Nzimande addressed how the academic year will work for those in the Community Education and Training sector. This includes updates on Adult Education Training, Senior Certificate, as well as full time and part-time qualifications.

If you're a student looking for accommodation, he Durban University of Technology offers a wide range of accommodation options. Today we'll be giving you a guide on all of them.

If you are a DUT student looking to fund your studies, there are some options you can consider.