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There are push and pull factors that contribute to the dropout rate that has reached its all-time high. Education activists have proposed options that can be explored to minimize the number of learners dropping out of the schooling system.

The Western Cape Education Department has shown concern in relation to the damaged school properties in the province during the December holiday period. The education department has called on the public to report such incidents.

With more than 3000 learners waiting to be placed in Western Cape schools, the education department in a race against time to place them. The department is now trying to establish which schools have gaps that need to be filled by new learners.


The Department of Basic Education is looking to implement some changes in the sector to ensure that there are fewer disruptions to the school year. Basic Education  Minister Angie Motshekga has shed some light on what the Department has planned for the sector in 2022.

More than 3 000 of the 5 000 schools in the Eastern Cape have not received any stationery. Teacher unions in the Eastern Cape have made their plans known to the Education Department.

It's business as usual in KZN schools after tropical cyclone La Nina ravaged schools and residential areas in the province. KZN Education Minister has come up with a contingency plan that will save learning and teaching time for the learners.

Teachers Union, SADTU has called on the government to invest in early childhood education to ensure a stable foundation in the schooling career of young children. The union has also expressed some concern about the future of education in South Africa. 

The past two years have not been easy for learners, as they've had to adjust to newly structured timetables. This has negatively impacted their learning experience and education activists are calling for change. 

For years, learner performance in mathematics has been an area of concern, as poor performance in the subject has been seen more than improvements. However, things are starting to look up in the education sector.


It's been less than a month since schools reopened, yet the Gauteng Education Department has found itself dealing with a violent incident. This follows the passing of an educator who was fatally shot dead. 


This was the very first week of learning for schools in coastal provinces. The Eastern Cape Education Department has put a hold on a number of projects due to funds that had to be redirected to other projects.

The North West Education is dismayed by the abduction of Tirelong Secondary School learners who were at alternative schools, due to the deteriorating condition of the overpopulated school. The parents voluntarily agreed with the department to accommodate learners at a conducive place for learning and teaching.

Civic organisations and political parties have clearly articulated where they stand in terms of rotational learning in classes. This comes after the Education Department had released a statement that rotational learning will continue indefinitely.

Gauteng education is concerned over the lives of its employees that are being threatened by criminal activities that have plagued its school within a week of reopening schools.

Schools in KwaZulu Natal have found themselves in the crossfire of a Chieftainship battle. This has negatively impacting the first day of learning for learners attending the affected schools. 

Writing examinations in high school can be very stress inducing, and some students may find it helpful to practice using past papers to prepare for the exam season. Luckily for students in basic education, there are past paper resources available for public access.

The bell has rung as learners from coastal schools return to the classroom today. Learners at Perivale Primary School were dropped off this morning at the gates of their school and it has been reported that there haven’t been any cries from any of the learners.


As it is their first day of learning, Perivale Primary School learners are dropped off at the gates 

This years’ schools have inherited problems of previous years. The parliamentary committee will continue with its oversight visit to schools to assess the state of readiness of the basic education department as schools reopen for the 2022 academic year.

The government and its education department, through the constitution, affirmed section 29 that education is a right for children of this country. However, there have been instances of school stationery being withheld from learners because of a donation fee that they couldn't afford to pay. What do the department and relevant stakeholders have to say about this?

As schools in inland provinces resumed operations last week, those in coastal provinces are set to follow on Wednesday. The state of the country's education system has been called into question by of the country's most prominent politicians, who argues that the Education Department has a lot of areas to improve on.