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covid19 treatment


To be able to cope with the expected surge in Covid cases, Gauteng is now looking at an intermittent lockdown which would see the province have an on and off lockdown. 


Currently, Gauteng is seeing fast increases of Covid cases and has also overtaken the Western Cape in active cases. The Minister of Health has warned that Gauteng will have the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Africa in a matter of days. 


Many of us are so focussed on what having Covid-19 looks like and how to guard against it, however, what long-term effects does Covid-19 have? What does post-recovery look like?

wits vaccine

Wits has started the first vaccine trial for Covid-19 in South Africa. Wits University is collaborating with the University of Oxford and the Oxford Jenner Institute on the vaccine trial.

Ramaphosa announced that lockdown level 3 regulations will be further eased and has granted South Africans further access to hairdressers, restaurants and other services. 

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