Cosas is the Congress of South African students and is an organisation that represents students - mainly at universities and colleges, but also to some degree learners at schools.


COSAS in Limpopo requests that learners receive the COVID-19 vaccination as all pupils are back at school.

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, has said that schools will not be closing while the country experiences a third wave. This has not been responded to well with some calling for schools to be closed immediately.

The Congress of South African Students is of the opinion that the Minister of Basic Education is arrogant and needs to do her job better. The Congress is happy with the results but believe that there's still a lot of work to do in schools.

Some private schools around South Africa have reopened today, declaring readiness in terms of health and safety protocols for both teachers and students. 

The Congress of South African Students are threatening to close down private schools and have now resorted to protesting outside of a school. 

Schools around South Africa will reopen 15 Februrary, two weeks after it was initially meant to open. The Democratic Alliance says although the date of reopening was pushed to February many questions remain unanswered. 

Due to the country experiencing the second wave of COVID-19, the reopening of schools has been delayed until 15 February 2021. Cosas has announced that they are satisfied with the postponement.

Since COVID-19 has presented matriculants with many challenges this year, COSAS believes that learners in Grade 12 should not be tested on the full syllabus for their final exams.

When the president announced a 4 week break for public schools, some organisations were not happy that private schools would remain open. Minister Motshekga now says closing private schools along with public schools would not have been in the best interest of learners.

Eyes have been on Independent schools today as COSAS has followed through on its threat. COSAS is hoping independent schools will buckle under pressure, but ISASA has other plans. 

There has been much debate about the government's decision to allow private schools to continue with the school year. COSAS has warned that the virus will not discriminate against learners who attend privileged schools.

The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) insists for schools to be shut down due to regulations not being adhered to.