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You can now study for FREE at False Bay TVET College. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. This is a 12 month commitment to prepare you for the world of work. 


The College of Cape Town’s Beauty Therapy Department is fully accredited to offer the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) qualifications. ITEC has been awarding high quality and respected industry qualifications since 1947. It is now one of the world's leading and most successful awarding bodies specialising in the Beauty and Complementary Therapies.

Study an Engineering qualification at False Bay TVET College. Apply now for trimester 2. Class start on 20 May 2021. 

Bursaries are also available.

An associate degree is much like any other academic program and also known as an undergraduate degree. This degree is awarded to students once completing the 2 year program at any community colleges, technical or vocational institutions. The duration of the course may vary depending on the pace of study and it is half the workload of a bachelor’s degree. It is one of the fastest and effective ways of getting students into the job market. It aims to provide students with the basic academic skills, knowledge and technical abilities that are required for a specific career field. An associate degree can either be used as a stepping stone towards a  bachelor’s degree or it may just be a qualification on its own.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior of humans. It has a multifaceted discipline that includes many subfields in areas such as human development, social behaviour, cognitive processes, health, clinical and many more.

Starting college and being a first year student can be an exciting yet an undeniably overwhelming experience. The feeling of fear surrounded by excitement and anticipation is most commonly expected by many first year students. Many students adjust relatively well while others find it difficult to adjust being on their own in a completely new environment. 

Choosing a qualification for your tertiary studies can be difficult, especially after schooling was interrupted by the pandemic this year. CEO of Boston City Campus provides advice on how to navigate through this.

More than 300 academics have co-signed a statement which challenges the university management narrative that the 2020 academic year has been a success.  

Starting your college journey can cause many first year students to be overwhelmed with emotions because of the many “unknown” questions that they may still have. Therefore, many academic institutions have an orientation day or week to help first year students adapt to their new surroundings. 

Cosmetology is the study of beauty and skin care therapy. The career pathway of a cosmetologist is broad and students can specialise in areas such as hairdressing, skin care therapy, manicurists or make-up artistry.The main purpose is to make every client feel rejuvenated and confident about themselves after every treatment. Beauty school enables students to pursue a career where their passion and talents come to life.

A degree is awarded to students after successfully completing a course of study and meeting all the requirements for graduation. A major in a degree is known as a specific area of study that a student  focuses on while completing their studies. It also opens many doors of opportunities within a diverse range of career pathways. 

As a first year student, starting your college journey can be very exciting yet scary at the same time. You will often find contemplating and asking yourself so many questions regarding your future ahead. There is only so much information that a collage website provides and may leave you with unanswered questions that you are not necessarily sure of.

Early childhood development (ECD) refers to the physical, social, psychological and cognitive development that a child experiences from a young age. Childhood development plays a significant role in identifying whether or not they will reach their full potential. The life events that occur during a child’s upbringing has a crucial impact on their growth and development. 

A higher certificate are programmes that are mostly vocational. What this means is that the course material is industry-oriented. The practical skills that students will learn will help improve their performance within a working environment. It is an excellent way to increase your skills and knowledge within a particular career field.

For many young students, starting your future can be a very exciting journey ahead. Once you have decided on your course of study and university that you’ll be attending, the next step is to decide whether or not you will be living on campus. Finding accommodation and adapting to a new setting/ environment can be a very scary yet exciting feeling. This also gives you a sense of independence and being an accountable adult. However, living on your own may not be the most feasible option as the expenses can be costly. 


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