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Careers Portal had a chat with Tinyiko, from GirlCode, where we spoke about coding, female empowerment and the future of tech! To know all about GirlCode and how they can help you have a successful career in coding, continue reading.

If you are interested in paving a career in coding and you're a female, GirlCode might be the perfect place for you. Here's how to apply to their Coding Bootcamp.

GirlCode is committed to getting more females on the ground when it comes to the coding industry. Careers Portal spoke to GirlCode about all things coding and female empowerment.

Tinyiko, from GirlCode, sat down with Careers Portal to talk coding, female empowerment and the future of tech! GirlCode aims to close the gap seen with a chronic shortage of skills and lack of women in tech. 

WeThinkCode_ has introduced a volunteers programme as part of its fully-sponsored software programming course aimed at South Africa's disadvantaged youth. The academy is seeking mentors from the local tech industry as part of the programme.

Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_, sat down with Careers Portal to talk about coding, the importance of cultivating South Africa’s digital talent and tuition-free education. If you're interested in joining WeThinkCode-, we also have insight into how to apply.

Interested in a career in software development and coding? Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_, shared with Careers Portal what inspired her to start coding.

If you're thinking of getting into coding, you should definitely consider WeThinkCode. Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_, sat down with Careers Portal to talk about who WeThinkCode are and what they offer.


Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_, debunked some common coding misconceptions. WeThinkCode_ should be the first place you think of when you think about coding.

GirlCode is excited to launch their Software Development Training and is offering a learnship for 30 unemployed women.