CDC is the abbreviation for the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. They are the nations health protection agency and they aim to save lives and protect people from health, safety, and security threats.

Since Covid-19 led to the disruption of learning for students and the national academic year, many have called for more interventions to bridge the gap.


Coaching is a growth industry and while COVID has caused severe disruptions, practitioners and clients have mostly been able to pivot to online environments and keep going.

South Africa has reached a new daily peak in Covid-19 cases, as the country faces a second wave of infections. This new peak is the highest daily peak the country has recorded since the first wave of infections.  

The Johannesburg district will be giving out fines to people found guilty of not following the updated level 3 regulations. These updated regulations will be in place until 15 January 2021. 

The return of alcohol is a cause for celebration for many, but this is not the case for some nurses on duty. According to the World Health Organisation, 31% of South Africans aged 15 and above drink alcohol. This places South Africa in the global top 5 ranking of countries with heavy drinkers.

The Western Cape launched field hospitals a few months ago to help the province cope with the demands of Covid-19 patients. The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is just one of the field hospitals that were used to care for Covid-19 patients who were stable but too sick to stay at home. 


When the president announced a 4 week break for public schools, some organisations were not happy that private schools would remain open. Minister Motshekga now says closing private schools along with public schools would not have been in the best interest of learners.

With more than 20 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide, many countries have been in a race to be the first to have a vaccine. The race might just be over, thanks to Russia. 

Healthcare workers are trusted by many to stay in the loop about everything health-related. However, a survey has now found that this was not the case with Covid-19. 

Equal Education is not impressed with eight provinces missing the deadline to submit reports to the high court explaining how they plan to reintroduce the school feeding programme. The organisation is accusing the department of making the public believe that the school feeding programme is running smoothly when it is in fact not. 

Grade 12 learners were the first to return to school this week, as the government rolled out the first phase of its plan to reopen schools. More grades are expected to be phased in throughout August, but some local paediatricians want the government to speed up the process. 

The Basic Education department was recently ordered to provide meals to nine million learners who qualified for the school feeding programme. This included learners who had not yet returned to school. The department has failed to follow through on its court order and this is not a good look. 

Cape Town theatres have hosted many great shows but they have now decided to close curtains until 2021. Many workers and performers have been affected, as theatres have been struggling to stay afloat.

Many schools have lost teaching time because of covid-19. The basic education department is now trying to make the most of what's left of the academic year, but this will come at a cost for future grades. 

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has given a lifeline to applicants hoping for a chance to claim for April and May payments. The fund has approved more than 600 000 applications for the covid-19 temporary employee/employer relief scheme (TERS).


The education sector is trying to make up for the gap left by teachers with comorbidities. In July, more than 3500 teachers above 60 in Gauteng alone did not report to work because they felt unable to teach. 

If you were worried about your visa expiring, Home Affairs has extended its grace period for foreign visitors. Your Visa will remain valid for a few more months.


Staffing and spacing is the biggest challenge that public schools will face when all learners return to school on 24 August. The department is working on a plan to make sure that students are able to social distance in class. 

It is important to get an identity document (ID) as soon as you turn 16 years old. It is a document that you will most likely need for many things after you turn 16, like writing your grade 12 exams and applying to university.

Grade 12 learners and teachers are back at school, following a one week break. These learners are part of the first grade to be phased in after the break and the spotlight is now on them, as the end of the school year continues to draw close.