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can sassa cards be used

Now that November is coming to an end, SASSA has announced the dates for beneficiaries to get paid for December. SASSA issues grants to vulnerable South Africans all over.

Another day, another fake news story spread about SASSA. Many people living in South Africa depend on SASSA grants to survive and having fake news being spread on these grants only produces negative effects for both the public and SASSA.


Another day, another event of innocent people being robbed of their money. A SASSA recipient has seen their grant money disappear from their account and is now seeking to solve this issue. This is of course not the first time SASSA funds are being taken from the vulnerable.


Since lockdown was implemented, SASSA beneficiaries have encountered many social grant frauds. Which is why SASSA has been determined to stop these scammers.

SASSA Grant Extended

SASSA has decided to extend some of their temporary social grants beyond October, however the R350 grant payment is still under review. Minister Zulu has said that discussions about converting the temporary R350 to a Basic Income Grant that would be permanently available were far advanced, and there is general support for it.





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