business studies grade 12


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Revising past papers is a great way to prepare for exams. It's the most effective way, in fact - if you want to know what kind of questions you may be faced with in your exams, the best way to find out is to actually face them, and that means going through as many past papers as you can get your hands on.

Studying for exams is an inevitable part of life as a student, and one that can be so stressful and tiring. But there are ways of making it easier on yourself! 

Business studies is a part of business administration and has some very crucial roles in business world. Many students who have done business studies in high school, will be interested in furthering their career. With the constant changing economic climate and advancements in technology, there are many avenues for young professionals to explore for higher education.

Courses in business studies cover a wide range of specialisations but start out broad and allow students to focus on a specific area later on. To find out more about the benefits of doing business studies as a career, check below for answers.

If a student intends to take on Business Studies as one of their chosen subjects from grades 10-12, it is expected that the student will be required to complete a series of business essays centred upon the themes presented in Business Studies for that particular year. Here's how students can write such an essay.


Business studies can be classed into five different components. Check them out below.

Physics is a great subject to study in high school and at university, for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you’re thinking about furthering your studies in physics and wanting to apply for a course at college or university, or you would like to combine physics with another degree subject, there are plenty of reasons why studying physics or taking is as a subject can benefit you. 

Are you passionate about business studies or economics? Not sure if these subjects can lead to great career potential? Find out why business studies and economics are great study options and what doors they could open up for you.

As students get closer to writing their final exams, it becomes important that all the information learnt and hours spent doing homework and 8:30 a.m. lectures is retrievable on exam day. 


Math is everywhere. Mathematics is a powerful tool that can be used to solve problems in many fields, including computer science, engineering, physics, and biology.

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If you're a matric student and you've been wondering what a matriculation exemption is, then keep reading to find out. 

Almost 900 Matric exam paper markers quit and had to be replaced in Gauteng just as the marking season commences. Marking began on 4 January and is set to finish up on 22 January with around 45 000 markers being recruited across the country.

With the Department of Basic Education aiming for marking to be done in two weeks, concern has now surfaced as Covid can strike anytime and disrupt the marking processes. Marking of matric exam papers commenced on 4 January.

The first official day of Matric marking is done and dusted following a year full of bumps and even some controversies when it comes to the Matric Class of 2020. With marking underway, the Department hopes to finish on time and deliver results on time as well.

Teacher unions are voicing their concerns when it comes to the marking of matric exam papers and teachers' safety while doing so. NAPTOSA has said that there is a psosibility that markers could have withdrawn their duties. Marking of the 2020 matric exam papers commenced today as Matrics are expected to receive their results on 23 February.

The Gauteng Department of Education announced that late online registration admissions are now open for grade 1 and 8 learners. 

The Department of Basic Education recently presented the findings of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2019, this shows how South African learners have been faring in comparison to the rest of the world. 

During a briefing in Pretoria, Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, announced when the matric results will be released and spoke about the readiness of schools during the current pandemic. 

Matric exams have officially come to an end, but the drama still continues. The Department of Basic Education has released more details about those behind the leak of one of the matric exam question papers.