alcohol ban

After President Cyril Ramaphosa extended the adjusted alert Level 3 lockdown, the Democratic Alliance has called on the government to extend the UIF TERS Scheme. 

At the latest 'family meeting' there was an ominous warning from President Cyril Ramaphosa that unless this festive season is very different to the usual, it will be the last festive season for many! With the second wave of Covid-19 infections firmly growing in the largest provinces Ramaphosa stopped short of returning to stricter lockdowns, but did implement a serious of stricter controls. One of those stricter controls will see New Year's Eve parties being much smaller than usual - and stopping well before midnight!

Now that President Ramaphosa has extended the National State of Disaster to 31 January 2021, it begs the question, will the Unemployment Insurance Fund be extending the Covid-19 TERS fund as well? Well, here's what we know.

The alcohol industry wants the government to allow for alcohol to be sold for off-site consumption on weekends. The National Liquor Traders Council (NLTC) and the Liquor Traders Association of South Africa (LTASA) said this will put small businesses and independent traders at less risk of shutting down. 


The alcohol ban has been lifted and South Africans have definitely been in a better mood since. However, this didn't come without strict instructions. South Africans have been warned by Government to be careful and behave or else the ban might come back.

The alcohol ban has been lifted and South Africans will now be able to go to a bar or a restaurant and order that glass of wine or cocktail they've missed for the past few months. However, there will be restrictions in place to ensure that the country stays safe. 

You can have social events at your house again - but no more than 10 people can attend! That's just one of the new rules that apply under lockdown level 2. Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has outlined the details of the regulations for level 2 of lockdown - including the sale of alcohol and tobacco again.

Government in Western Cape are urgently wanting the alcohol ban to be lifted to prevent any further damage. Many are suspecting, or rather just hoping, that President Ramaphosa's next speech will include the announcement that the alcohol ban will be lifted.

The alcohol ban has been ruffling the feathers of many South Africans since it was introduced. Now, medical experts are weighing in on the ban as well. Pick n Pay has also put in a word about it while companies from the sector see major decisions being made whioch negatively impact them.

Restaurants have been hit hard by the lockdown regulations and they are now using the hashtag #JobsSaveLives to plea with the government for change.