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The Academic Institute of Excellence (AIE) is one of South Africa’s leading learning institutes. Their aim is to provide an innovative approach to accessing high quality education through the use of modern technology. 

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Draughting is a great profession for those who are interested in the field of architecture or engineering. Draughtspersons are responsible for drawing designs using different techniques and principles. This includes using geometry, perspective, scale, and more to create beautiful and captivating drawings of buildings and objects.

AIE provides online and on-campus programs. They offer Full-Time, Part-Time and Hybrid Learning programmes that will open many doors. Join them at one of their upcoming open days to get started with your education today!

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If you would like to study Industrial Product Design, Entrepreneurship, Personal Assistant, Key Account Management, Event Management, Information Technology, Social Media Marketing, 3D Visualisation or Game Design and much more, register TODAY!

The Academic Institute of Excellence offers full time, part time and online learning opportunities. AIE's website says that they have 3 student campuses, 30+ qualified teachers, 2510 students and a 97% graduation rate.