Where To Live As A Stellenbosch Student

Stellenbosch University has a massive residential culture and majority of it's students choose to live near campuses while studying as they mostly come from places outside of Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch therefore has many residential options available, both on and off campus. 

Not only will attending Stellenbosch University afford you with high quality education and resources, but it also has a picturesque and vibrant setting. Student culture is important at Stellenbosch where they aim to deliver vibrant student communities. SU is known as a residential campus with an active residential life, which makes residence placement sough-after among students. 

Stellenbosch University can accommodate about 6 500 students in approximately 31 university residences and other university accommodation on the Stellenbosch Campus. The five residences on the Tygerberg Campus, where the Faculty of Health Sciences is situated, houses a further 1 000 students. 

Undergraduate Women's Residences In Stellenbosch: Erica, Harmonie, He​emstede, Huis ten Bosch, Irene, Lydia, Minerva, Monica, Nemesia, Nerina, Serruria, Sonop 

Undergraduate Men's Residences in Stellenbosch: Dagbreek, Eendra, Helderberg, Helshoogte, Huis Marais, Huis Visser, Majuba, Simonsberg, Wilgenhof

Undergraduate Mixed Gender Residences in Stellenbosch: Goldfields, Metanoia, Huis Neethling (Maties Sport)

Senior Residences in Stellenbosch: Lobelia, Concordia, Huis MacDonald, Huis de Villiers, Russel Botman House

Privately Affiliated Residences in Stellenbosch: Academia, Nooitgedacht

Residences at Tygerberg Campuses: HuisFrancie van Zijl, Hippokrates, Meerh​off​, Kerkenberg, Ubuntu House

Accredited Private Accommodation in Stellenbosch: Tweespruit Estate, AFO Cottages

Accredited Private Accommodation at Tygerberg Campuses: Kerkenberg Annex, The Digs

At present, there are five undergraduate women's residences (Heemstede, Sonop, Monica, Lydia and Irene) and two undergraduate men's residences (Simonsberg and Eendrag) with limited facilities for students with disabilities. Three mixed residences namely Huis de Villiers, Concordia and Russel Botman House, are equipped for senior students with disabilities. Metanoia, a mixed undergraduate residence, also offers limited facilities for undergraduates with physical disabilities.

Students who wish to apply for residence, do so as part of their general application. For more information about applying for residence, click here.

Recommended Estate Agencies for SU Students

  • Stellenbosch Apartments, found here
  • Anna Basson Eiendomme, found here
  • Neelsie Eiendomme, found here
  • Stellenbosch University International (SUI), found here

Another recommended place for Stellenbosch students is that of Eikenhof Private Hostel. They have two private hostels available which houses 82 female students. 

DigsConnect is also a good avenue for students to take when they are searching for accommodation. They make finding accommodation easier for students as their website is tailored for students. Read our article on DigsConnect here to get more information. 

There are also always options such as Gumtree and Facebook where advertisements for property can be found. 

Click here for more information about Stellenbosch student accommodation



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