Student Accommodation - How to find digs


Finding the right course to study at college or varsity is hard enough, but then you have to find somewhere to stay. If you can stay at res on campus that makes things a bit easier. If all the res places are taken you have to find digs near campus. We have some tips on where you can look for flats and other student digs near your campus.

Finding the right digs is a very important step in making sure your studies are a success. You need to share with people you get on with - you don't want to spend the year fighting. But you also have to find people who are similar to you. 

Before you can even do that of course you need to find accommodation near your campus that's within your price range.  There are the usual classifieds websites but its probably better to try a service that's more focused on helping students. Click on one of these links below for more details.

The website was started by students in Cape Town who knew all about the problems that happen when trying to find the right digs.  They are one of the most popular start-ups these days amd well known on some campuses for giving away cash as part of their marking drive! Check them out as they have listings from large companies operation big private residences as well as smaller listings from individuals with just a room to rent out near a campus. They also offer a service where they will try to hook you up with a digs mate looking for a similar place to you.

The website was started to provide a full spectrum service to students looking for accommodation all across South Africa. Working like a normal online accommodation site, the website is completely focused on student accommodation and has options for all student budgets. Property owners list their accomodation on the website and students are able to search via area and accommodation type.

One of the largest private companies providing student accommodation, Respublica have 10 residences in Joburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Bloem and Cape Town. These modern buildings all have free uncaped wifi, free laundry, free parking and free weekly cleaning. Their website describes the rooms as modern studios, apartments and other types of bedrooms.

If you are looking for digs in Stellenbosch then this service could be for you. The website says it was started by Petro Maas as she had direct experience with the needs and requirements of students and their parents when choosing student accommodation.  High priority is given to student safety and they can advise you on what is best for you. For example some units are more suitable for undergrads, others more suitable for postgrads.

This website is a general accommodation service focused on matcing people and rooms - but does also have a section dedicated to student accommodation.  They promise that a single search will provide a myriad of choices when looking for student accommodation.

If you are studying at UWC you must look into the Kovacs UWC student village. This private residence is right at the UWC Bellville campus and is a modern facility with lots of amenities. There are staff at the student village focused on assisting the students in settling in to life on campus.  They say that the advantages of living so close to lectures means that there's no time lost to commuting and more time in the day for studying, resting and recreation.

If you are studying at UJ you can contact the university's student accommodation department for assistance with finding somewhere to stay while you are at campus.

We hope you can find the perfect digs. Good luck!




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