Pros (and Cons) of Staying on Campus

University is a place for learning, growth and self-discovery, and where you live influences the type of learning you undergo. Living on-campus is pretty normal for incoming first year students so, if you are a first year student, this article might just be a fun read. For more senior students, you might use this article as a guide to help you weigh your housing options.

Pros (and Cons) of Staying on Campus

Pro: Catering

Life at university can be busy and after a long day of classes you don't necessarily want to slave over a hot stove, preparing a meal for yourself every evening. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you're not always in the mood to make it. Living on campus in a catering residence makes your life easier by making the food for you every day without fail.

Con: Rules

If you're not a fan of rules, living on campus may not be for you. Many residences have rules surrounding visiting hours, alcohol drinking, loudness and music. If you like having people over until late or like to blast your favourite tunes, living on-campus may be a bit of a bummer.

Pro: Proximity to Classes

Forgot your tut in your bedroom? No problem, just dash back to your residence during meridian and you're sorted. Do you have a massive break in your schedule? Say you have classes from 8:00 until 10:00 but then only resume at 15:00, you can easily head on home for those couple of hours and not have to linger on campus aimlessly.

Con: Distractions

With all of the social events mentioned in the pros, it can be distracting to have all those events going on while you need to be studying for that test on Monday. You need to have a lot of self-discipline in order to fight the urges to join in on the fun when you really shouldn't.

Pro: Social Life

Especially as a first year, making new friends can be tricky. Having a roommate and sharing a table with your fellow residents at mealtimes can speed up the friend-making process. Residences also tend to host their own social events that encourage socialising in positive and safe environments.

Con: Privacy Issues

Living in an on-campus residence typically means sharing a lot of your private space with others. You are likely to have a roommate, especially as a first year student. The bathrooms are also communal, meaning shower time may be a bit tricky at times. You'd need to learn how to deal with being surrounded by your peers at all times.


When it comes to deciding whether or not to live on-campus, there are many things to consider. It is a decision that should be based on your own personal needs and preferences. Living on-campus comes with its ups and downs, but it’s an experience that helps you transition into university life with ease and is recommended for first year students especially.


Pros and Cons of Staying on Campus - Gugulethu Ntombela Article by Gugulethu Ntombela



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