Here's Where To Live As A Wits Student

Wits applications for 2022 just opened and after you're finished with your application, you're going to need to plan everything else that goes along with that. One of those things is where you're going to stay. 

The University of Witswatersrand in Johannesburg offers students a quality education surrounded by a great environment. They also want to ensure that students feel safe and comfortable and have therefore made efforts in providing accommodation for students. 


Braamfontein Centre Residence

  • Self–catering
  • Mixed gender

Noswal Hall

  • Self-catering
  • Mixed gender
  •  2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments

Rennie House

  • Mixed Gender
  • Self Catering
  • Apartments/flats accommodating between 3 and 6 students in each apartment

East Campus

International House

  • Self-catering
  • Mixed gender
  • Postgraduate

Jubilee Hall

  • Catering
  • Female students up to 25 years of age

Men's Halls of Residence

  • College House and Dalrymple House

Joined by a communal driveway and linking gardens

  • Catering
  • Males only
  • Sunnyside Residence
  • Female students up to 25 years of age


Made up of three residences


  • Females only
  • Undergraduates
  • Health Sciences faculty
  • Catered


  • Females only
  • Undergraduates
  • Education,Engineering & The Built Enviroment Faculties
  • Catered

Reith Halls

  • Females only
  • Undergraduates
  • Science faculty
  • Catered


Ernest Oppenheimer Hall of Residence

  • Males only
  •  Health Science and Engineering faculty
  • Catering and self-catering.

Knockando Halls of Residence

  • Undergraduate
  • Male students only
  • Catering and self-catering

West Campus

Barnato Hall

  • Mixed gender
  • Senior undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Catering and self-catering options
  • Self-catering students live in self-contained sections of the residence each with its own kitchenette and dining area

David Webster Hall

  • Mixed gender
  • Catering
  • Senior undergraduates and postgraduates

West Campus Village

  • Mixed gender
  • Senior Postgraduates
  • Self-catering

Yale Village

  • Mixed Gender
  • Self Catering
  • Apartment types: Studios, two bedroom, three bedroom, four bedroom, five bedroom, six bedroom

Wits Junction

  • Postdoctoral fellows, visiting academics and students pursuing postgraduate qualifications
  • Apartment types: studios, two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms, four-bedrooms

Approved Off Campus Properties

  • AFHCO: Mpumelelo
  • Born Free Investments
  • Campus Africa: YMCA, 49 Jorissen Street, 80 Jorissen Street
  • Citi Q Students: YW Junction
  • First Property Trust: Argyle House
  • 14 Star Properties
  • Henton Ontwikkeling
  • KWB Properties
  • NIC Properties: KISS Properties
  • Richmond Properties: Richmond Central, Richmond Corner, Richmond Life, Richmond Place
  • Strathgarden Properties: University Gate
  • Street Talk: J One
  • South Point: Diamond House, Beehive, Mvelelo, Phumelela, KSI, Blackburn, Argon​​​​​​​, VDS, Clifton Heights​​​​​​​, Geldenhuis​​​​​​​, Meldridge​​​​​​​, 46 De Korte Street​​​​​​​, Epozini​​​​​​​, Norvic
  • Student Digz​​​​​​​: Baker House, Dudley House, Skyways
  • Vittern​​​​​​: Towers Gateway
  • Noskop 1
  • Petraglo​​​​​​​: East Side, W & A

DigsConnect is also a good avenue for students to take when they are searching for accommodation. They make finding accommodation easier for students as their website is tailored for students. Read our article on DigsConnect here to get more information. 

There are also always options such as Gumtree, Junkmail ads, property websites and Facebook where advertisements for property can be found.  

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