Here Are Some Accommodation Options For NWU Students

Are you a student at North West University looking for accommodation? Look no further, here are some living solutions for you!

Whether you reside in a university residence, a flat or other private accommodation, NWU declares that you are just as much a part of the NWU as any other student. That that is your new home. NWU's academics and support staff are all there to provide a caring and supportive environment for you. Being a part of the residential student culture will have you engage with fellow-students and be part of student life in all its many facets. 

NWU has three campuses: Mahikeng, Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle Campus. On all these campuses, there are student residences provided to students who seek to live on campus.

Mahikeng Campus: 

Women Residences: Ngaka Modiri Molema, Dr Nelson Mandela 1, Sedibeng​​​​​​​, Hopeville​​​​​​​

Men Residences: Dr Nelson Mandela 2,​​​​​​​ Dr James Moroka​​​​​​​, Khayelitsha​​​​​​​, Kgosi Dick Montshioa​​​​​​​

Mixed Residences: Biko House​​​​​​​, Mbada​​​​​​​, Sol Plaatjie​​​​​​​, Lost City​​​​​​​

Potchefstroom Campus

Women Residences: Eikenhof, Heide, Huis Republiek, Karlien, Kasteel, Klawerhof, Minjonet, Oosterhof, Vergeet-My-Nie, Wag-'n-Bietjie, Wanda

Men Residences: Caput, Excelsior, De Wilgers, Hombré, Laureus, Over de Voor, Patria, Ratau Lebone, Veritas

Town Residences (Women): Bellatrix, Dinki, LaVaria

Town Residences (Men): Heimat, Thaba-Jäh, Villagers

Senior Residences: Oppirif​​​​​​​

Rugby Accommodation: Pukdorp, Soetdorings

Private Accommodation: Pukkiverblyf​​​​​​​

Vaal Triangle Campus

Women Residences: Acacia, Jasmyn, 

Men Residences: Vergelegen​​​​​​​, Oryx​​​​​​​

Mixed Residences: Bohlale Village​​​​​​​, Bohlale Phase 2​​​​​​​, Ebukhosini​​​​​​​, Faranani​​​​​​​, Kumba​​​​​​​, Longfellow​​​​​​​, Moahi​​​​​​​, Thuthuka

Mixed Senior Residences : Thuthuka, Bohlale Village​​​​​​​, Bohlale Phase 2​​​​​​​, Ebukhosini​​​​​​​, Faranani, Horizon, Longfellow

To read more information about the residences mentioned, click here.

DigsConnect is also a good avenue for students to take when they are searching for accommodation. they make finding accommodation easier for students as their website is tailored for students. Read our article on DigsConnect here to get more information.

Students can also check websites such as:

There are also always options such as Gumtree and Facebook where advertisements for property can be found. 

Click here for more information about NWU student accommodation

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