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Accommodation For UKZN Students

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Providing accommodation for students is of utmost importance. If you wish to attend the University of Kwazulu-Natal, here are some accommodation options for you. 

University of the Kwazulu-Natal applications have just opened and after you're finished with your application, you're going to need to plan everything else that goes along with that. One of those things is where you're going to stay. 

On Campus Residences

Edgewood Campus

  • Both catering and self-catering options are available.
  • A total of 631 students are housed in 11 residences on campus.
  • Men and women are housed separately and 55% of the residents are female.
  • Double as well as single rooms are available. Some residences offer self-catering facilities.
  • An additional five flats housing five students each are available for post-graduate students.

Howard College & Medical School

  • Able to accommodate approximately 2162 students.
  • Residences are grouped into two halls, namely Charles Smith Hall and Albert Luthuli Hall. Charles Smith Hall is comprised of 12 individual residences.
  • Albert Luthuli Hall is comprised of the Cluster Residence and the six-storey Tower Residence.
  • All students are  accommodated in single rooms.
  • All residences are self-catering while a cafeteria facility is available for students.
  • Limited accommodation for postgraduate students is offered at Scully House and Postgraduate House.

Pietermaritzburg Campus

Petrie Hall Of Residence  

  • Petrie Hall is a cluster of residences for mainly first and second-year female students.
  • The three large residences are Eleanor Russell Hall, University Hall and Lodge.

William O’Brien Hall Of Residence

  •  Consists of single rooms distributed over six blocks, with communal kitchens.

Malherbe Hall Of Residence

  • Male and female accommodation is separate and the common rooms and TV lounge are shared.
  • The Malherbe Flats (postgraduate students) are called Brucian House, and Robleigh House.
  • Consisting of three, four and five-bedroomed flats, they are suited to small groups of students wishing to share accommodation.
  • No sharing of individual rooms is permitted. Rooms are basically furnished and selfcatering.

Denison Hall Of Residence

  • Mixed gender residence

Westville Campus

  • The on-campus residences accommodate 1810 students.
  • There are four blocks of residences, namely S-Block, R-Block, P-Block and O-Block. O-Block only accommodates females while all others are mixed gender.

Off Campus Residences

St Hillier

  • Mixed Gender Residence
  • Comprises of fully furnished two/three bedroom flats. Each student has a single bedroom. Occupants share a lounge, kitchen and bathroom. 
  • St Hillier is a few minutes walk from the Medical School campus. It is on a bus route to Howard College campus.

J V Smit Residence

  • This residence has 90 large single rooms.
  • It is a catering residence.
  • J V Smit is close to the Medical School campus and is situated on a bus route to Howard College campus.

Westville Campus Off-Campus Residence

  • The off-campus residences accommodate 713 students.
  • All students share in double rooms while postgraduate students can be accommodated in a single room if available.

 Local first-year applicants must apply for admission to University residence on the application form supplied by the Central Applications Office (CAO). No separate application is required. It is not always possible to accommodate a student in the residence of first choice.

 International students must apply for accommodation on the University of KwaZulu-Natal application form.

The closing date for submission of applications by undergraduate applicants is 30 September.

The University has also provided a list of Private Accommodation spaces they approved. Click here to view that list.

DigsConnect is also a good avenue for students to take when they are searching for accommodation. They make finding accommodation easier for students as their website is tailored for students. Read our article on DigsConnect here to get more information.

There are also always options such as Gumtree, Junkmail ads, property websites and Facebook where advertisements for property can be found.

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2021 University of Kwazulu-Natal Applications Are Open

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