Accommodation For UCT Students

UCT is the oldest University in South Africa and has many people who are living at residences or coming from other provinces and countries seeking accommodation. Here are some student accommodation options for those who study at UCT.

UCT provides different types of accommodation for undergraduate and postgraduate students, on and off campus. Here are some accommodation options for UCT students.

On Campus Accommodation

Usually, students will start out in a first-tier residence (full catering), move on to a second-tier residence (senior catering or self-catering) and later, stay in third-tier accommodation (semi-autonomous self-catering).

First-tier accommodation

First-tier residences provide accommodation for undergraduate students, who are usually under the age of 21. These residences provide students with up to 3 meals a day in a dining hall. Some first-tier residence buildings have double rooms.

The following catering residences are available:

  • Baxter Hall (Women)
  • Clarinus Village (Mixed)
  • College House (Men)
  • Dullah Omar Hall (Mixed)
  • Fuller Hall (Women)
  • Glendower (Mixed)
  • Smuts Hall (Men)
  • Graca Machel Hell (Women)
  • Kilindini (Men)
  • Kopano (Men)
  • Leo Marquard Hall (Men)
  • Rochester House (Mixed)
  • Tugwell Hall (Women)
  • University House (Men)
  • Varietas (Mixed)

Click here for more information on UCT’s first tier residences

Second-tier accommodation

Second-tier residences provide accommodation for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students. Catering residences provide up to 3 meals a day in a dining hall. Most second-tier accommodation is in the form of 2- to 4-bedroom flats. All rooms are single.

The residence governance structures allow for a smooth transition into independent senior student life while allowing you to share communal space with your peers.

The following catering residences are available:

  • Groote Schuur Residence
  • Medical Residence
  • Forest Hill G-Block
  • Groote Schuur Flats
  • Forest Hill
  • Liesbeeck Gardens
  • Obz Square
  • The Woolsack

Click here for more information on UCT’s second tier residences

Third-tier accommodation

Third-tier residences provide accommodation for senior postgraduate students.

These residences have wardens who oversee academic and social well-being. The wardens ensure that there is a good community life in the houses, flats and purpose-built residences, such as Obz Square.

The following catering residences are available:

  • Rondeberg
  • TB Davie Court
  • JP Duminy Court
  • North Grange
  • F Block (Forest Hill)
  • Edwin Hart Annex
  • Harold Cressy Hall
  • Obz Square
  • Amalinda
  • 8 Avenue Road
  • Inglewood
  • Linkoping
  • Woodbine Road

Click here for more information on UCT’s third tier residences

Accommodation for students with spouses and dependants

JP Duminy residence provides accommodation for students with spouses and dependants (but this is limited to students’ own children). It is situated in Main Road, Mowbray, and houses 42 students in flats that are within easy walking distance of upper campus, the Jammie Shuttle service and local retail outlets.

Off Campus Accommodation

Off Campus accommodation comprises of properties located in the vicinity of the University.

Click here for a list of UCT’s Accredited Off Campus Student Accommodation Options

Click here for information on how to apply for residence at UCT

DigsConnect is also a good avenue for students to take when they are searching for accommodation. They make finding accommodation easier for students as their website is tailored for students. Read our article on DigsConnect here to get more information. 

There are also always options such as Gumtree, Junkmail ads, property websites and Facebook where advertisements for property can be found.  

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