Homechoice warns of SMS scam

Homechoice has warned its customers about an SMS scam that is attempting to get them to pay for illegitimate delivery and VAT charges.

Popular online shopping company Homechoice has warned its customers that it is being targeted by criminals who are attempting to fleece them for illegitimate charges.  Messages are sent out in bulk claiming to be from the online shopping company and requesting payments before deliveries can be made.

Fraudsters often target popular services, such as Homechoice, when they are sending out bulk messages. The messages are sent out in bulk to many people, not just customers of the service. But if the person who receives the message is a customer of the service it makes them more likely to believe the message - particularly if they are expecting a delivery.

Homechoice has warned that this scam directs the receivers to click on a link to pay the fraudulent additional charges.  This is very dangerous as a weblink can always hide the real recipient of the money.

Internet users are always warned to be very cautious of clicking on links to make payments. Rather enter the payment details yourself, using your banking app.

Homechoice warning

Click here for the HOMECHOICE website

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