Who Qualifies For SASSA’s Foster Care Grant?

Who Qualifies For SASSA’s Foster Care Grant?

If you're considering applying for the SASSA Foster Care grant but you're not sure whether or not you qualify? We have all the information you need to assess whether or not you are eligible for the Foster Care grant. 


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) manages grants and allowances for groups in South African society needing assistance. One of these grants is the Child Foster Care grant. 

The Child Foster Care grant is paid per court order to the foster parent. 

The requirements to qualify for this grant are: 

  • The foster parent must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee.
  • Both the applicant and the child must reside in South Africa.
  • Child must remain in the care of the foster parent(s).

Applicants who qualify for the Child Foster Care grant will receive an amount of R1050 per month.

When applying for the Child Foster Care grant you will need to take the following documents with you to the SASSA Offices: 

  • The applicant's Identity Document (ID) and the ID of their spouse. 
  • The birth certificate of the child who is in foster care. 
  • If the applicant does not have an ID or the child does not have a birth certificate, an affidavit may be completed. 
    • The affidavit will be provided to the applicant by SASSA. 
  • Proof of spousal relationship status. The following documents will be accepted as proof of spousal relationship: 
    • A sworn statement or an affidavit 
    • divorce order 
    • marriage certificate
    • spouse's death certificate if deceased. 
  • The court order which placed the child in the applicant's foster care. 

You can call SASSA at at 0800 601 011 for more information or visit the SASSA website. 

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