What A 'NSFAS Registered' R350 Grant Status Means

The second round of the R350 grant is well underway. If you've tried to apply for the SRD grant but were declined due to being 'NSFAS registered', here's what that means and what you can do. 


There are various reasons why your R350 grant application could have been declined and SASSA has given us some insight into what it all could mean. Now we'll be covering what a 'NSFAS registered' SRD status means.

Should you check your R350 grant application status and it says that you have been declined due to being NSFAS registered, this means that SASSA picked up that you are receiving a bursary from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). Part of a NSFAS bursary's benefits is that the student receives NSFAS allowances.

This would mean that every month, the individual receives more than R595 in their bank account and is receiving another form of a grant, which goes against one of the main SRD grant requirements.

Even Unisa students who only receive R290 a month for their NSFAS allowances won't qualify because they are receiving NSFAS, which is a grant.

A main requirement to qualify for the R350 grant is for you to not be receiving any other sources of income, grants, which includes NSFAS, or UIF benefits.

If you were given this reason for your rejection but find that you don't actually receive any grants or you believe that you've been unfairly declined, you can then submit a SASSA appeal. The appeal has to be lodged on the website within 30 days of when your rejection status became available to you.

This appeal will mean that SASSA has to reconsider your application and you will have to give them good reason as to why you believe you should receive the grant.

How To Appeal For SRD Grant

  1. Go to the SRD Grant website
  2. Scroll down to 'Application for reconsideration'
  3. Click on the yellow bar
  4. Fill in the required fields

Once you've submitted your SRD appeal, you will then need to track it. Click here to find out how.

The outcome of your appeal will be relayed to you through SMS.

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