Phoenix Teacher Accused Of Assaulting Two-year-old Pupil


A teacher in Phoenix has been dismissed following reports that he did not report the assault of a 2-year-old learner who, as a result, sustained serious injuries.


According to reports by eNCA, the child's father laid a complaint after viewing school surveillance footage of the incident. The child is reported to have suffered injuries on his nose and mouth.

According to the child's grandmother, Karyn Reddi, the teacher also kicked the child. She also went on to express her disappointment with the school.

A place that we call a creche is supposed to protect our children and that is not done here which is sad. There are videos to prove that the child was kicked by the teacher which is appalling behaviour. We just want justice to be done.

Parents and community members are also calling for the school's principal to be removed. In response, the principal stated that the teacher had been dismissed for not reporting the incident.

She also said the parents need to obtain a court order to prove anything beyond what has been shown in the video of the incident. The principal also took the child to the hospital and paid for the child's medical costs.  

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