List Of Institutions You Can Study Mechanical Engineering At

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diversified engineering fields. They are individuals who are creative, knowledgeable and analytical who complete complex tasks by shaping an idea and bringing it into reality. They design, develop, build, test and oversee mechanical and thermal equipment. Mechanical engineers play a vital role in a wide range of industries including automotive, computers, electronics, micro-electromechanical systems, structural analysis, human health, manufacturing  and many more. The spectrum of the mechanical engineering field allows students to access a wide range of career pathways. 

A mechanical engineer's main function of their career is to analyse their projects using the principles of motion, energy and force. They create and design machines such as electrical generators, steam and gas turbines and other machinery inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators.Their career is centred on creating technologies to meet human needs by ensuring the design is cost-effective, reliable and safe. Just like any other engineers, mechanical engineers use extensive computer software programs which enables them to design and create and test how the machinery is most likely to operate.

What are the duties of a mechanical engineer?

  • Analyse problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help resolve a particular problem
  • Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices 
  • Investigate and assess equipment failures 
  • Develop and test the sample of devices they design
  • Analyse the test results and change the design/ system as required according to the projects requirements 
  • Ensuring that the modified equipment is safe and reliable 
  • Oversee the entire manufacturing process for the machinery and devices

How to become a mechanical engineer?

In order to succeed as a mechanical engineer, students require a higher education qualification, practical training and gaining hands-on experience within the industry. 

Getting a qualification in engineering - In order to have an entry-level position in mechanical engineering, students require a bachelor’s degree. Employers prefer candidates that have a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Completing a two-year program can also help pave your career pathway and provide transferable academic credits towards completing a bachelor’s degree at a later stage.  

Gaining experience - Students can build their working experience when they are in their 4th year of completing their bachelor’s degree. They will have learnt the necessary skills to execute the task or project at hand. Through internships or apprenticeships, students will gain the hands-on experience they need in order to succeed in their career field of mechanical engineering. 

Finding a job in the lucrative mechanical engineering field - Engineering skills are in high demand in and throughout South Africa. Most mechanical engineers work in an office environment alongside other engineering specialists. Having the skills and experience is vital as employers seek engineers that have the qualifications and experience when reviewing their profiles. It is one of the most technical engineering fields and new engineers must work beneath a senior supervisor for a couple of years. The career pathway of a mechanical engineer is to provide a high level of independence and responsibility when working on various project scopes.

With all the above-mentioned, the mechanical engineering industry is constantly evolving and adding new technology and processes to their industry. Therefore, mechanical engineers need to continuously find ways to renew and develop their skills and knowledge to keep up with the latest industry trends and changes. 

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