What You Need To Know About ADvTECH’s Evolve Online School

ADvTECH has recently launched an online school called Evolve Online School. Here’s everything you should know about the Evolve Online school.


“In this rapidly changing society, the one-size-fits-all method of teaching no longer makes any sense. Evolve starts by answering the question of how we can make learning an adventure for each child?” says Principal Colin Northmore of Evolve Online School.

The school combines user-experience focus with a curriculum mapping system, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to personalise each pupils learning experience. 

Learners are placed into subjects according to their abilities, which allows them to progress faster where they are talented and work at a more deliberate pace to master the content they find challenging.

The aim is to tailor the learner’s learning experience to their specific need and encourage them to grow at their own pace.

The ADvTECH online model is compatible with Apple/iOS technology and incorporates the following:

  • Learning Architects drawn from master teachers across the country to develop curriculum content. 
  • Learning Activators who will ensure a holistic digital learning journey as opposed to simply copying and pasting the physical class into a virtual space. 
  • Life coaches who will help develop crucial 21st Century skills and global competencies in students. 

 The school makes use of the following:

  • Diagnostic testing to determine the exact level of proficiency of a learner before placement, and during the educational journey.
  • Asynchronous learning so that learners can move through content at their own pace and according to their own proficiency. Learners will also have direct access to their teachers who will facilitate extra activation classes.
  • Synchronous learning where learners will also be able to attend live interactive classes, making this a true online school.
  • Socialisation opportunities with academies, studios and day camps monthly so that learners can meet other “Evolvers” and get green time to balance their screen time.

Evolve Online School offers courses to learners in Grade R to Grade 12. Each student needs to have access to an iPad, a good internet connection and a printer.

Applications may be done online via the Evolve website.

Click here to visit the Evolve Online School website.


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