How To Apply For NSFAS Last Chance Applications

Tuesday, 24 August, 2021 - 11:26
Sakinah Samuels
nsfas entrance

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is giving students who are registered but unfunded a second chance for a NSFAS bursary. Here's how it works.


NSFAS opened up the period of 18 August until 3 September for students to apply for this special funding window. Here's how to apply.

Applications for this round are however not exactly the same as usual as students cannot directly apply through the NSFAS website. 

How To Submit NSFAS Applications

  1. Contact your University's Financial Aid Office to find out if you qualify and can apply
  2. If you do, your name will then be put on a list which is submitted to NSFAS
  3. Once they've received all your information, you will then be contacted
  4. You will now be given special access to apply online
  5. Go to
  6. Click on 'register'
  7. Complete the required fields (ID number, cellphone and email address)
  8. Upload a copy of your ID or birth certificate
  9. A One Time Pin (OTP) will then be sent to the cellphone number you submitted
  10. Enter this OTP in the field required
  11. Go to
  12. Click on 'Apply'
  13. Complete all the required fields
  14. Upload all supporting documents
  15. A reference number will then be sent to your cellphone number and email address

You will not need to sign a consent form. You will give consent by clicking on the box at the bottom of the page before submitting your application.

The documents you need to upload do not have to be certified.

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