Here's What Happens After Ordering a NSFAS Laptop

Here's What Happens After Ordering a NSFAS Laptop

NSFAS has confirmed that those who have ordered laptops are currently in the process or getting approved and should expect a delivery soon. If you have not ordered your laptop yet, you should get ordering soon. 


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is finally beginning the process of rolling out laptops to NSFAS funded students. Students who have already ordered laptops can now expect to hear whether their order will be approve or declined.

After you order has been placed NSFAS and the institution that you are registered at will follow a verification process that will either approve your order or decline your order.

Once your order is approved NSFAS will place the order with one of their appointed service providers and the laptop will be delivered to the student.

On delivery, the student can expect to receive the following:

  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Laptop bag 
  • Delivery receipt 

If you are a NSFAS beneficiary in need of a device and you have not ordered your laptop yet, you should get ordering. 

Here is a step by step on how to order your laptop online:

  1. Go to the NSFAS website
  2. Click 'myNSFAS'
  3. Click the Online Order Portal
  4. Fill in the required fields
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions

Be advised that the following information is asked of you when placing your order:

  • South African ID number
  • Student number
  • Contact details
  • Name of the institution they are registered at Campus name
  • Home address

So if you have already ordered, your order is on its way to getting approved and if you have not yet ordered, order now to avoid any delay in you online leaning.

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