You Can Now Apply Online To Replace Your Matric Certificate

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If you have lost or damaged your matric certificate, Umalusi has launched an online system where you can now apply for a replacement certificate. 


Recently, Umalusi hosted a webinar in which it officially launched the online application system for replacement certificates. 

In this webinar, education stakeholder organisations in the country were joined by the Botswana Examinations Council and the Kenya National Examinations Council.

Candidates who were previously issued a matric certificate from Umalusi after passing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations and lost or damaged the certificate can now make use of the online system to apply for a new replacement certificate. 

In a statement, Umalusi said the new system has significantly reduced the turnaround time and costs involved in replacing a lost or damaged certificate.

One of the attendees mentioned that they have already used the online application system for their lost certificate and received it within the stipulated time.

The university sector has commended this move, saying the online verification of results will be very helpful to institutions of higher learning during registration periods.

If a candidate wants to collect a replacement certificate from Umalusi within two working days they will have to pay a cost of R137. 

Should a candidate opt to have their replacement certificate sent to their chosen physical address anywhere in South Africa, they will have to pay a cost of R202 (R137 is for the certificate and R65 is for courier fees) and the certificate will be delivered within seven working days. 

This system has significantly reduced the costs and the time candidates have to wait to receive their replacement certificates, revealed Umalusi.

Individuals may access the online applications system wherever they are using either their cellphone or computer.

Follow These Steps To Apply Online For Your Matric Certificate Replacement:

Step 1:  Register an account, track and manage your request.

Step 2: Create a request, select the qualification you are applying for replacement for such as the National Certificate Vocational, National Certificate (N3), National Senior Certificate, Senior Certificate, General and Further Education Certificate, Amended Senior Certificate, ABET Level

Step 3: Collect your replacement certificate or receive certificate via courier service (Courier delivery method is available at an additional fee)

As part of this process, applicants need to make sure that their online application includes a signed affidavit from a police station stating the status of the original certificate e.g. stolen; lost in a move, and a certified copy of the candidate’s identity document is required. (it is mandatory for this copy to be certified by a commissioner of oaths).

As applicants are required to choose a delivery method, they will need to choose between their matric certificate replacement being collected from the Umalusi Pretoria Office or for the document to be receive via courier service.

A matric certificate is an important document that certifies the completion of your high school education. A matric certificate is often a requirement for admission to universities, colleges and vocational training institutions. Without a matric certificate, students may not be able to pursue higher education.

Many employers also require job applicants to have a matric certificate. It demonstrates that the applicant has the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job.

Overall, a matric certificate is an important document that can have a significant impact on a person's future opportunities and personal development. This is why it is important to replace it if it has been lost or damaged.

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