You Can Appeal Again For A SASSA R350 Grant

SASSA initially rejected 3 million applicants for thr R350 grant. After complaints, they then announced that they would be looking at rejected applications again as this number was too high. Curious about how exactly they do this and how long you have to apply for an appeal? Here's how. 

SASSA is reconsidering applications which were originally rejected on an unfair basis. This comes after man complained and Minister Lindiwe Zulu felt that 3 million was too big of a number for rejected applicants. 

Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, who is overseeing the SASSA R350 grant that has many South Africans talking has laid out how they re-assess rejected applications and what procedures SASSA needs to follow for the SRD grant.

Firstly, it was stated that SASSA needs to notify applicants about whether they have been approved to receive benefits from the R350 grant or not. They should then give reasons to those rejected as to why they didn't qualify.

SASSA also needs to make it clear to these rejected applicants that they are allowed to appeal SASSA's decision. If you wish to send in an appeal, Appeals can be done on the SRD website for review.

"This will ensure that all applicants are dealt with in a transparent and administratively just manner. This facility will have dedicated staff to respond timeously to all emails," said Zulu. 

Applicants requesting for their application to be reconsidered do not need to upload documents as the the recourse process is electronic.

It's important for the person applying to remember that they only have 15 days after they were told of their rejection to submit an application to have their application reconsidered. 

SASSA then has 30 days to make a decision about whether the applicant should still not qualify to receive the R350 grant or not. 

If applicants send in their request to be re-assessed after the periods given, they can still have their rejected status get a judicial review within 180 days after the re-assessment by SASSA.

This R350 grant will run until October 2020 and applications are still open. 

To check your online status, click here or to check on WhatsApp, type 'status' and send to 082 046 8553. 

Should you need more information, contact the 0800 60 10 11 (013) 754 - 9439/9428/9454 from 08:00 – 16:00 during week days Monday – Friday.

You can also reach SASSA through their Twitter account.


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