Wits SRC Works to Support Financially Needy Students

Wits SRC assists many students with registration by starting their own fundraiser. Though protesting has died down, we have not seen the end of the movement for free education, public policing and justice. 


Wits SRC does its part by assisting 350 students with registration and they are hoping to help more very soon.

Student leader have raised R5.7 million to help students who with financial obstacles register, without the stress of registration fees.

Mpendulo Mfeka, Wits SRC leader says:

There are still 800 students that need help to register and we hope to help as many as possible

They have managed to raise their large amount of money though a fundraising campaign called "21 million in 2021". This was the SRC's interventionist approach to curing the financial crisis that students are facing, and they still have a long way to go.

On protesting, Mfeka says:

Protesting was our last approach and unfortunately it had to come down to that... it might have died down for now due to tests but, it is a movement that has highs and lows, and we are currently at a low.

In the submission to parliament, they emphasized three requests they want the government to meet; firstly, free education, including the scrapping of historic debt. Secondly, for protests to have public order policing. And finally, justice for the wits student that was killed by police.

The SRC believes that the protests should not be held at the universities because, that not where the problem lies. They believe it should be taken to the government and to the communities so that they can deal with the core of the issue.

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