Wits SRC Concerned About Students' Mental Health

Wits SRC Mourns Loss of Student

Following the death of a Wits student just last week by suicide, the University's Student Representative Council has shown concern for students' mental health. The University itself has not said anything about the student's passing, even though it happened at a University residence.


The Wits Student Representative Council has issued a statement following the death of a student who took his own life where they encourage students to make use of all mental health platforms. 

Samuel Mnisi passed last week Monday at his student residence in Braamfontein Centre. Mnisi was a final year LLB student.

In the SRC statement, it reads:

We are truly saddened to have lost one of our own in such a tragic manner. We would like to extend our condolences to the family, friends, classmates, and the entire student body.

Wits University has not said anything about the student or it's death.

The SRC then also addressed the matter of Wits not having said a word by saying, "We note and reject the attempt of the University to put the matter under the carpet by means of no communication to most of the Wits community".

A prayer session is being held for Mnisi on Tuesday at the Great hall Piazza at 17h30.

Mental health is extremely important to pay attention to as you navigate your studies as the SRC encouraged:

We are aware that this is one of the most stressful and triggering seasons of the year as we are approaching exams, we would like to encourage all students to assist each other where they can, share information, support each other in every way possible because all we've got is each other.

Students should not be competing with each other and should instead be working together "against a system that constantly attempts to exclude less privileged students", the SRC said.

They continued to encourage students to:

  • Check up on each other
  • Make use of all mental health platforms
  • Reach out for help
  • Make use of school councils, SRC, house committees, CCDU and lecturers for academic and mental support

Students from all over South Africa should also keep this in mind as they all experience the same struggles and it is then important to remember that you're not alone.


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