Wits SRC Attempts to Delay Reopening for Free Education

Wits University SRC tries delaying the reopening of the university in an attempt to gain free education, but the university claims they do not have the resources to provide free education. Wits does however have multiple other financial aid schemes in place to support their students.


Wits Universities SCR is attempting to delay the universities opening by claiming that about 8 000 students are being financially excluded and will not be able to register. 

In an interview with Shirona Patel, spokesperson of Wits University, she states that 35 000 of 37 500 of Wits have already registered and she wishes that the SRC's claim was more closely interrogated.

Patel believes that the SRC is only making these claims in hopes to receive free education but, Wits is not in a position to provide free education.

We don't have the ability and the resources for free education.

Wits has however put funding measures in place in support of students who require funding for registration. The Wits Hardship fund was put in place where they provided R10 million in order to assist students with registration and accommodation. 

Wits also has a Covid Relief Fund in place to help students and their families who have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

While not being able to provide free education, Wits University has about 27 000 students that are under bursaries and scholarships, and R100 million of that financial aid is provided by the university.

We are administering a billion rand in financial aid scholarships and bursaries

Patel believes that no other South African university has provided as much financial aid to their students as Wits does. 

Even though the SRC's attempt to delay the reopening of the university failed they are still demanding free education, but Wits simply isn't in the position to provide this at the time. 

Spokesperson Patel says:

"We are doing as much as we can to help as many students as possible to register"


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