Wits Graduate To Walk 800km To Raise Funds For Rural Schools

Thami Manganya Wits University Graduate

Wits University Graduate, Thami Manganya, has decided to embark on a 20 day long 800km journey on foot from Wits University to Idutywa in the Eastern Cape. This is in order to raise R1.28 million for education and sport resources for rural schools in the Eastern Cape.


A shortage and lack of resources is a prevailing issue that is all too familiar in rural schools across South Africa. In an effort to address this for the schools around the rural Eastern Cape, Wits University Graduate Thami Manganya has taken it up on himself to do his part.

The BA in International Relations and Media Studies graduate has decided to embark on a 800km journey from Wits University in Johannesburg to Idutywa in the Eastern Cape. This is to raise R1.28 milllion for education and sports resources for rural schools in the Eastern Cape.

As he was about to start his 800km walk, Thami stated in a video posted on Twitter that although he currently has minimal support this not will not deter him as he is happy to be doing something for the poor. 


He said, "I'm quite anxious and happy at the same time because what I'm doing is for the good of the poor people at the same time".

Even though I might be anxious because I'm not having any car to escort me or anything like that, I'm jeopardizing my life, but then as long I'm doing something for the people as long, as I'm doing something for the poor I'm happy for the cause.

Manganya seems determined and said that he won't stop because of him not having any proper support but that he would, "continue doing it until people are paying attention to this otherwise I won't stop any time soon".

Now, on his second day since it started, Thami's initiative has since garnered support from car rental company, Avis Rentals, which pledged to provide a vehicle that will escort him throughout his journey, while calling on others to provide additional support.

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