Will TVET College Students Get Laptops From NSFAS?

TVET College students funded by NSFAS will be eligible to receive loan laptops from NSFAS by ordering them through their Online Order portal.


April of 2021 saw the first batch of loan laptops being received by NSFAS after they had announced in January that they were expecting the laptop rollout to begin in March. Laptop distribution, however, only began making its way to public institutions all over the country after their initial receipt in April.

It is common knowledge that public university students supported by NSFAS funding are eligible for the receipt of NSFAS loan laptops. With TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Colleges also falling under the public institution sphere, they too are supported by NSFAS funding, and hence, students at TVET Colleges are also granted the opportunity to order laptops through NSFAS.

Just as is done in public universities, students at TVET colleges are afforded the possibility to order laptops through the online application option. NSFAS funded students receive a once-off annual learning material allowance of about R5 200 dedicated to the purchase of textbooks, learning supplies, and laptops. 

NSFAS students are also granted the option to not request a loan laptop if they do not require one. However, if a student does request a laptop through the online portal, an amount from around R3 000 onwards can be deducted from this allowance to go towards the laptop loan payment.

TVET College and public university students alike can follow the same instructions to order a laptop on loan from NSFAS. Registered students that have already been approved for funding are simply required to go to the NSFAS website, then from there, go to myNSFAS and without logging in, they will see a prompt that allows them to place an order for a laptop. Thereafter, the student can follow the instructions for making an order.

The only requirements to make an order includes; the student's ID number, a student number, the student's contact details, the name of the institution where the student is completing their studies, the name of the student's campus, and the student's home address. The option to order laptops online remains open as of May 2021.

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