Will Students Have To Pay For A NSFAS Laptop?

Some students might need some clarification on how exactly the NSFAS laptop will work. Will students be paying for it? Will students still get their NSFAS allowances? Keep reading for answers to your questions.


NSFAS has finally made solid moves towards issuing the laptops promised to students in 202 but how exactly is this going to work? 

Will students have to pay for the laptop? Students won't have to use money out of their own pockets to pay for the laptop. Instead, their learning material allowance will be used.

NSFAS issues a learning material allowance to students once a year which sees students getting R5200. This allowance is then used for textbooks, devices and other materials students need for their course.

The learning material allowance is commonly known as the book allowance.

However, it's important to note that you do have a choice as a NSFAS beneficiary. You don't need to opt for a laptop and you will then still be given your learning material allowance.

When a student asked NSFAS on their Twitter page: "are we supposed to use the book allowance to order the laptops or are they separate?", NSFAS replied saying:

... you will have to choose between the two.

NSFAS Twitter response to laptop enquiry

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The rollout of digital learning devices is scheduled to begin soon as NSFAS funded students are urged to start ordering the devices on the NSFAS website. 

NSFAS received it's first batch of laptops on 18 April.

NSFAS has also said, “We are speedily continuing with the TVET sector consultations to enable NSFAS funded students at TVET colleges to also submit their orders”.

Students are given three options when ordering laptops. If the one you wish to order is not available, NSFAS has advised students to then monitor the website for the laptop they are looking for to be available.

Non-NSFAS funded students are also urged to consult their institutions if they require a laptop. The institution will provide the student with a payment agreement for the needed device, but the student will still be responsible for the payment.

Visit the NSFAS website for more information.

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