Why You Haven't Received Your R350 Grant Through Cash Send Yet

Why You Haven't Received Your R350 Grant Through Cash Send Yet

Have you chosen the Cash Send payment option to receive your R350 grant and still waiting on your payment? Well, keep reading to find out why you have not received your payment yet.


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has introduced the Cash Send payment option to allow R350 grant recipients to receive their payments from ATMs instead of post offices.

However, many of these clients have not provided SASSA with their accurate bank details which have made it difficult for the agency to pay these beneficiaries.

Clients were given until 7 October to provide the agency with their bank details. 

Those who did not submit their bank details will need to collect their COVID-19 SRD grants from the post office for August, September and October payments. 

Those who submitted their bank details, but were still not paid, are advised to be patient as the Cash Send category has not been paid yet because the agency had to go through a procurement process with the banks to use this payment method.

SASSA has announced that the reasons why applicants have not been paid differ from applicant to applicant. 

“Some have provided wrong bank details or contact numbers if they chose the Cash Send option. Others keep updating their bank details, which in turn delays their payments,” stated SASSA.

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