What Job Skills Are In Demand Right Now?

CareerJunction recently published its latest monthly job index listing the job skills which are in high demand in South Africa. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Many will be seeking employment as 2021 kicks off and people navigate through the world of work during the coronavirus pandemic.

CareerJunction has published its latest CareerJunction Index for December 2020 which shows which job skills are the most sought-after in South Africa. 

Paul Byrne from CareerJunction says that they have seen roles like business analysts, data analysts and people working in data warehousing in IT have been on the rise.  

Byrne says that over the past year the demand for roles in data warehousing has been up by 86% in terms of job content that has been advertised on the CareerJunction website. 

The manufacturing & assembly, marketing, sales and architecture & engineering sectors have all also shown an increase in recruitment activity over the last couple of months. 

 The following job skills are in high demand:

  • Software development skills - these skills remain the most sought after especially now that digital platforms are being used due to people working from home.  Demand for software developers decreased by 6% year-on-year.
  • Middle/department management skills - the demand for these skils grew by 14% in the last 6 months. 
  • Representative/sales consulting skills - these skills are very useful in the recruitment market and there is a constant need for them year by year. 

Jobs which are currently trending include:

Senior Management

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position per month:

  • Gauteng – R64,335 to R80,931
  • Western Cape –  R53,285 to R66,508
  • KZN – R50,297 to R58,505

Representative / Sales Consulting

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position per month:

  • Gauteng – R19,542 to R24,631
  • Western Cape – R20,782 to R26,406
  • KZN – R19,061 to R23,717

Team Leader & Supervisor

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position per month:

  • Gauteng – R17,825 to R22,589
  • Westen Cape – R20,758 to R23,671
  • KZN – R18,024 to R22,053

The finance, business and management and IT sectors continue to be the most sought after sectors this is followed by the sales, admin, office & support and architecture & engineering sectors, among others listed.

"There are lots of people without jobs... but the positive news is that there is this change that is starting to happen now where we're seeing these future jobs coming through," says Byrne. 


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