Western Cape School Admissions Are Still Underway, says MEC

School learner admissions for 2022 in the Western Cape are still underway. The Minister of Education in the Western Cape has released an official statement in which she reassures parents not to panic as the process of learner admissions for 2022 is still ongoing.  



Schools across the Western Cape have begun to make application results available to parents this past week. It has come to light that some parents are yet to receive an offer from the schools they have applied to.

This has left many of them concerned that they will not be able to place their child for the upcoming year.

However Western Cape Education MEC, Debbie Schafer has asked parents not to panic as this is only the initial part of the process stating that they have until the 25th of this month to confirm their final choice of school for 2022.

I urge parents to remain calm. This is only the very first round of offers, and not receiving one at this stage doesn’t mean your child will not have a place at any school next year. Currently, parents who have received an offer of a place have until 25 June 2021 to confirm their final choice of school for 2022. Offers will continue to be made as schools get a clearer picture of how many places they have left. reads the statement 

"Over 20 000 learners were accepted to more than one school. Therefore, over 20 000 places at schools will be made available to learners who were unsuccessful at a particular school. Over 50% of this, are learners in Grade 8. So, we appeal to parents to understand that the process is not yet over," she continues in the statement.

The Minister has urged parents who have received an offer of a place to urgently confirm their school of choice, as this allows schools to know how many applications remain vacant.

I make a special appeal to the parents who have received an offer of a place, please confirm your choice urgently. This allows a school to know how many remaining places they have left, and to make further offers to anxious parents if they still have space. This is especially true of the parents of the over 20 000 learners who received offers from more than one school – ‘double-parking’ for an extended period of time slows down the process, so I urge them to speedily confirm their acceptance of one of these places.

Parents who have not yet received an offer for their child from a school are advised to do the following:

  • Write to the school’s SGB and ask them to review their decision on the application, and ask for the written reasons that the application was not accepted.
  • Ask the school to be placed on the waiting list. As places do come available due to learners declining spaces, the school will then offer placement to learners on the waiting list.
  • You have the right to submit an appeal on the outcome of the SGB’s review to the Provincial Minister, based on specific grounds. Your letter must clearly state the grounds for appeal (including evidence thereof) which will be compared to the reasons given by the school, and the school’s admissions policy.
  • Should you not wish to appeal the decision because you do not feel you have the grounds, you should contact your district office admissions officers to seek assistance in finding a place for your child:

Parents are advised to apply on The Western Education Department's admissions website: https://admissions.westerncape.gov.za/admissions/admission.sm_admissions_tracking.view_contact_us

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