Western Cape Parents Encouraged To Finalise School Of Choice

Education Department encouraged parents and caregivers who intended to enrol their children for the 2022 school year in the Western Cape to confirm their final choice of school, by midnight on Friday 25 July 2021.


Bronagh Hammond, the Western Cape Education spokesperson, announced that the department implemented the next stage of the 2022 admissions process on Friday evening.

Earlier, the department reported that more than 20 000 pupils were accepted to more than one school for 2022.

The spokesperson stated that more than 20 000 places at schools will be made available to pupils who were unsuccessful at a particular school, with half of these being Grade 8 learners.

If parents fail to decide which school they will accept or decline, automatic placement in the first successful school will take place. This placement will be based on their order of preference as submitted on the website.

Hammond stated that “the department needs to know which schools have places available so we can assist learners who have not received a notification of placement.”

Parents are encouraged to follow the steps below to find out whether or not their application was successful, unsuccessful, or that the pupil has been placed on the waiting list.

  1. Log onto https://admissions.westerncape.gov.za/admissions/login.
  2. Click “Track Application Status”.
  3. Select the name of the learner.
  4. Then check under “Application Status”.

The parent will then need to "confirm" or "withdraw" their application.

Hammond explained that "once they have confirmed acceptance at a school, parents must print and submit a copy of the application, as well as certified copies of the supporting documents to the school within seven days of confirming on the system with the school or district office if they have not already submitted hard copies to the school."

"This will assist the department to know which schools have places available so we can assist learners who have not received a notification of placement," said the spokesperson.

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