Walter Sisulu University Protest Takes a Violent Turn

Walter Sisulu University student protests turn violent, resulting in multiple injuries and a police vehicle being burnt down. The University has decided to shut its doors and proceed online before it is too late to revive the academic year.


Walter Sisulu University (WSU) shuts its doors as student protests become violent and leads to the hospitalization of a police officer.

WSU students are protesting over not receiving book allowances from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and wanting to have face-to-face graduations, but the university says its not in their hands.

WSU says, they don't control the rollout of book allowances and students should take that up with NSFAS. They also said, that they are in no position to allow live graduations as their facilities can only accommodate for 250 people at a time under the Covid restrictions. 

This however did not stop students from getting violent as they set police trucks alight and looted the cafeteria of the university.

Their academic year is now under threat as they close their door and request that all students (including residencies) vacate the campus.

They say they have been communicating very well and have conceded to many student demands. They even allowed first years with no funding to register but, the students were still not happy.

Yonela Tukwayo, spokesperson of Walter Sisulu University says:

As we stand at WSU, we have a student debt of R1.3 million. This is money owed the the university by current and past students

Because of this debt the university has been unable to upgrade their infrastructure and residences, which have also been reasons for past protests.

The WSU does allow students to exercise their constitutional right to protest but, they do not stand for the display of violence that took place recently.

The violence resulted to four police officers being injured, one of which had been hospitalized.

WSU has helped students as much at they can so that students can continue with the academic year online.

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