Vaccine Rollout Went Better Than Expected - Motshekga

Vaccine Rollout Went Better Than Expected - Motshekga

Teacher vaccinations concluded just last week with hundreds of thousands got vaccinated. The rollout is said to have gone down better than expected.


The education sector vaccine programme concluded on 14 July as the sector's Minister said that it went better than expected. Those in the sector received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This vaccine rollout included teaching and school staff, staff who transported children, food handlers, those who do remote learning programmes, security and cleaning personnel.

More than 500 000 people in the sector received their Covid-19 jab with about 826 000 now registered on the system.

The Department of Basic Education's (DBE) Minister, Angie Motshekga, said:

When we started off, we had a good star. They came in the numbers and then we got a slump and from the reports I was getting, the momentum has picked up again.

She continued to say that her what came of the rollout was more than what she expected saying, "we've done extremely well as a sector".

The Minister hopes that those who could not get vaccinated do so before schools reopen so that class time is not disrupted. The department has said that they will make plans for those who could not get vaccinated before the 14th.

Muzi Ndlovu, the Director of Health Promotions for the department said that they encountered some challenges with the rollout, especially when it came to the Electronic Vaccine Data System (EVDS):

Sometimes colleagues, when they went to the site, they were not appearing on the EVDS where there was no communication from the front and back  end of the system and we managed to resolve those issues.

The department then worked with the Health Department where they decided to use paper-based registrations. This was mostly used during the last days of the programme.

With unrest occurring around the company, the department said that those in the sector were allowed to go to sites set up by the health department and encouraged everyone to vaccinate.

Most of those who work in the sector will be able to get vaccinated with registrations for the 35 year olds and above opening a few days ago.

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