Unplaced Pupils Receive Placement At Schools

In the last two week, the number of unplaced school children for the 2021 academic year has decreased as they have found placement at schools across South Africa.



At the beginning of the year, more than 25 000 pupils in Grades 1 and 8 were unplaced, However, this number has decreased over the last couple of days.

The highest number of school children who did not find placement at schools were recorded in the Western Cape and Limpopo.

Recently, the Limpopo Education Officials have stated that they still have 495 Grade 1 and 1 794 Grade 8 pupils who are unplaced.

42 schools have been reopened in the Limpopo province. These schools were unable to open on the 15th of February due to storm challenges.

Tidimalo Chuene, the Limpopo Education Department spokesperson, announced that they managed to place 112 848 Grade 1 learners and 119 925 pupils in Grade 8. 

Chuene stated that processes are currently underway to finalize placement by providing mobile classrooms where "they are deemed to be the last option".

Mpumalanga reported that they have managed to decrease the number of unplaced pupils to 45 and they have given a deadline of Friday for all unplaced learners.

Jasper Zwane, the Mpumalanga Education Department spokesperson, stated that the province has made serious progress with placing Grade 1 and 8 learners in fast-growing towns within Mpumalanga. 

Kwazi Mthethwa, the KwaZulu-Natal Education Department spokesperson, happily announced that the province successfully placed 99% of learners with 215 000 learners in Grade 1 and 229 000 learners in Grade 8.

Gauteng has reported that more than 600 pupils are still waiting to be placed at schools.

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