University Students Say Online Learning is a Nightmare

Online learning was introduced by the education sector as an alternative since the Covid-19 pandemic began but has not been the best alternative for everyone. Students in higher learning institutions continue to experience challenges.


More students at institutions of higher learning are having to face continuous challenges that threaten their success and delay academic progress.

The devastating state of online learning has mostly been felt by first year students who were only starting out when Covid-19 hit in 2020. Students from poor families expressed loss of hope and they remain demotivated to even continue their academic studies.

Most students don’t have the appropriate devices and resources to cope with online learning platforms. Though the government tries to help, more students still feel left out by government programmes which aims to assist needy students.

The Sol-Plaatje University students have highlighted issues of insufficient data and internet access while others speak of mental health challenges.

Students complain that it's difficult to have group discussions to share ideas of complicated subjects which need different views. They also mention that home schooling is disruptive as they will be expected to engage in daily domestic duties as well.

The first-year students came from a contact classes background from high schools, and before they could settle at institutions of higher learning, online learning was introduced. Some have never even used a computer and weren't given enough time to learn how to.

The unfortunate part about online learning is that the learning needs to continue with or without those who experience challenges. Education continues and those left behind will have to find ways to catch up.

Online learning remains as long as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to devastate our communities. As much as higher learning students continue to suffer, online learning remains the only alternative that government prefers as there are no new ways discovered as yet.

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