University Behind Delays of NSFAS Allowances

The University of Fort Hare has caused frustration amongst students as it was revealed that they are causing the delay of NSFAS allowances. Students have complained that the University is failing.



Students have been protesting at the University of Fort Hare (UFH) since Monday over allowances. They are said to have now been waiting for weeks for their meal allowances.

NSFAS has confirmed that they have released funds to the University and that it is up to the University management to then release them to students.

Students are saying that the University is taking their time and that they are hungry with some sleeping outside campuses due to a lack of accommodation.

UFH has said that 95% of allowances have been sent to students.

The protests are taking place at UFH Main Campus in Alice.

On Tuesday, the situation seemed to have calmed down from Monday's burning tyre and rubber action that was taking place.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at the University engaged with management on a way forward and for meal allowances to be given to the students.

Students are also waiting for their book allowances with the SRC explaining:

As per expected, the University has not responded on what we wanted. One of the issues is book allowances. That is long overdue. NSFAS confirmed that the book allowances have been ejected in April. Up to now students have not received their allowances.

"The most frustrating thing about our institution, in particular that financial aid office, they just remain silent. They don't communicate with students."

The academic programme is now at a standstill at UFH with students demanding that the work pace be lessened.

The SRC said, "They must not issue too much work to students because that alone is a recipe for disaster from the side of students. We all know that students are not happy".


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