Unisa Warns Students of Email Scam

Unisa students, BEWARE OF THIS SCAM! The University is now urging students to be vigilant when it comes to their student emails as a scam is being uncovered.


Unisa has now warned students of a phishing scam involving their emails.

Unisa released a statement which read:

It has come to the university’s attention that there is a message sent to students alerting them of a spyware that has been detected

From this email, students are then asked to urgently click on a link and fill in a form with their details.

The University has now made it clear that this is a phishing scam and that the message does not come from them.

Students are urged to ignore this message and NOT to click on the link provided, nor fill in the said form requiring their details.

Students are always encouraged to take care and remain vigilant.

Students are also encouraged to contact the Unisa Fraud/Corruption Hotline on telephone number 0800 203 785 or e-mail: Unisa@whistleblower.co.za when any suspicious activities are seen.

Unisa students are also urged to never enter their Unisa login credentials into forms on unknown websites.

The University has previously said, "If you have already entered your details on one of these websites, please change your password immediately."


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