Unisa Urges Students To Collect Their Certificates

Unisa SRC Office, Unisa Building, Unisa

The Unisa Graduations Division will be out on its final round of visits to finalise the collection of outstanding certificates by students who have completed their qualifications. The University has urged students to collect their certificates. 


The University of South Africa's (Unisa) Graduations Division will be making its final round of visits to the Unisa regional offices from 22 October till 06 November 2021 to finalise the collection of outstanding certificates by students who have completed their qualifications. 

Unisa has urged all of its students to collect their certificates from their respective regional offices. The university will be sending an SMS to students which will detail the specific date and place of collection for the certificates. 

Unisa has advised students to wait until they have received the SMS message before they visit their designated regional office to collect their certificates.

Students who are notified to collect their certificates in Pretoria can visit the Unisa Muckleneuck Campus which will be open for collection on weekdays from 09:00 to 15:00. Certificates can be collected from the OR Tambo Building on the campus.

If a student has not received an SMS notifying them on when and where to collect their certificates, they should contact Unisa to determine if their contact details have been correctly captured by the University's system so that they can make arrangements to collect their certificates. 

If you have a query it can be sent to: gaudeamus@unisa.ac.za.  

Certificates for students who have graduated in the 2021 Spring graduation period will only be ready for collection later on in the year says Unisa. Students should await communication from the University on this. 

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