Unisa Tackles Exam Glitches


Unisa has started their exams but students have been experiencing glitches and last minute postponements. Unisa's Deputy Dean of Education, Veronica Mckay spoke to Radio 702 on how Unisa handles these issues as well as what further moves Unisa is making. 

Unisa students experienced glitches while trying to do their online exams on Thursday, 28 May, which marked the start of many Unisa students first online exam. Unisa's Deputy Dean of Education, Veronica Mckay said, :as we were picking up problems, we were rectifying them". 

Due to a system overload from high traffic on Unisa's website, the website glitched. However, Mckay has said that the problem was solved and that the institutions managed to expand their capacity. Students now have access to various links where they can upload their exam answers and Mckay has stated that there were no glitches experienced by students on the following Friday. 

Students have also been saying that Unisa's communication is poor concerning times of exams as well as postponements and cancellations.Mckay responded to this by saying that Unisa notifies students two days before the exam is to take place. However, a student said that they are getting messages about postponements on the same day. 

Mckay further commented that Unisa's staff are doing their best with the multitude of exams which are to take place and even work through the night. She said that relevant staff members meet every night to examine whar happened in the day so that rectifications and considerations can be done and that these postponements allow students to write without delays from the system. 

Unisa initially wanted to defer all exams to October but said that students wanted to finish the semester and deferring exams would have caused major stress. They then had to re-organise systems when the decision was made to continue the examination period but have no venue-based exams. 

Mckay stated, "we recognised that some of the big exams would cause more stress on the system and much more stress for the students so those were moved".



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